A new pronunciation preference survey


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A new pronunciation preference survey

The LPD 1998 survey

Asia (name of continent) Focus on the -s-.

continental drift

the ignorant young

less deference towards RP

the out-of-touch old

…death of a variant

spelling pronunciation

making things regular

the decline of /U@/

the threefold fate of /U@/

or [U@, U:] is taken as /u:/

yod coalescence tj > tS

and dj > dZ

/O: > Q/ before /ls, lt/

plosive epenthesis

internal plosive elision

careless fantasies

where d'you keep the car?

suffix vowel reduction?

suffix vowel stressed!

American influence?

no thanks, we're British

take a deep breath

mysteries remain

Author: wells

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