Seoul National University (SNU), Korea

Prof. John Wells's visit, March 2002

3rd Seoul International Congress of Phonetic Sciences,
Joint Korean-Japanese Summit on English Phonetics,
and festschrift presentation for Prof. Lee Hyun-Bok

Photos: Masaki Taniguchi and John Wells. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture.

The conference

JCW speaks at the opening ceremony.
Seated: Hyun-Bok Lee1, Masaki Tsuzuki

JCW before his keynote speech Overcoming phonetic interference: English pronunciation for the Korean learner

It's difficult for Koreans to hear and make the distinction between pork and fork

A thank-you gift of pottery

Masaki Taniguchi2, from Fukuoka

Lee Ho-young3, the conference organizer

Prof. Lee Hyun-Bok.
Behind him, Youe Mahn-Gunn4 and Masaki Tsuzuki

Prof. Park Choongyon5 with JCW

Presentation of the festschrift

JCW speaks about the importance of practical phonetics

Masaki Tsuzuki, President of the Phonetic Soc. of Japan

Prof. Lee Hyun Bok and his wife...

...and both of them with JCW

Sightseeing in central Seoul

Fishy snacks. Right: Masaki Taniguchi, Youe Mahn-Gunn, Yoshinari Fujino6

Taehanmun gate, Toksugung palace: Youe Mahn-Gun

Changing the guard


Other places

In the hills north of Seoul: Lee Hoyoung and JCW

Lee Hoyoung and his wife, at their home

JCW as a guest of Lee Hoyoung and his wife

Yoshinari Fujino, JCW, Masaki Taniguchi, in the foyer of the Ho Am Faculty House, SNU

1In the sixties Lee Hyun-Bok attended UCL and SOAS first as a graduate student and then as a Fellow of SOAS.
2, 4, 5Masaki Taniguchi, Youe Mahn-Gunn, and Park Choongyon have all been academic visitors in the Dept. of Phonetics and Linguistics, UCL.
3Lee Hoyoung did his PhD under Prof. Wells's supervision at UCL.
6Yoshinari Fujino studied for the UCL MA in Phonetics.

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