Visits to China and Japan, 2007

John Wells

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Chéngdū (Sichuan), April 2007

Conference on teaching English phonetics

A mid-lecture Powerpoint edit

With Prof. Zhang Fengtong

...and Jiang Hong-liu

The Panda Research Centre

Giant panda

Brown panda

Baby giant pandas playing


The Giant Buddha of Leshan


Vegetable market

Tibetan mother and child

Ōsaka, Japan, September 2007: Kansai Gaidai

Prof. Masanori Toyota

Participants in the five-day seminar...

The one-day symposium. Nearest the camera, Tsutomu Watanabe and Kensuke Nanjo


Tōkyō, Japan, October 2007: Senshu University

Far left: Hiroshi Miura

Nearest the camera, right: Tami Date

Fujiya Hotel, Hakone

Soufrieres at Hakone

View southwards from Shinjuku. Mount Fuji is just visible.


Nobuo Yuzawa, Yuko Shitara-Matsuo

Won Tokuma

With many thanks to those who invited me.

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