Montserrat, November 2007

John Wells, Gabriel Parsons

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Youth Explosion show, Montserrat Cultural Centre, Little Bay

VIPs before the show. Left to right: Idabelle Meade, Jadine Glitzenhirn, Capt. Holtmann

Photography: Kevin West

Craft display (Vereen Woolcock)

Snacks: Evelyn Irish

Performers and audience waiting for the show to begin

Welcome from the Chief Minister, Lowell Lewis

St Johns Majorettes

Small Beginnings steel band

Dance Excel

Junior Shamioles masqueraders


St Peter's Anglican

Harvest, Bethany Methodist, Judy Piece

Bethesda Methodist, Cavalla Hill

Harvest, Salem Methodist

Choir practice at Salem Methodist.
Left: choirmistress Beth Breuer


Ralph Gonsalves, PM of St Vincent and the Grenadines; Howell Bramble; CM Lowell Lewis

Daniel Meade, Golden Years Home, with Gabriel

Janette, Golden Years Home

Jadine Glitzenhirn and Gabriel

Icilma Fenton

Agnes Riley and Gabriel

Lookout Community Centre

Occupational therapy

Chris Duberry


Computer room: Matilda Farrell

Natural scenery

Royal palm fruits

Nevis and Redonda. St Kitts is just visible behind Nevis.

The mountain
Photo: Jane Ushwell

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