Wǔhàn and Shànghǎi, China

Prof. John Wells's visit, April 2004

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1. Ninth "21st Century-SFLEP Cup" National English Speaking Competition
and Third 21st Century International Forum on English Language Teaching, Wǔhàn

 In Wuhan my main task was to act as one of the judges for an English public speaking contest organized by China Daily. I also gave a lecture "Using English intonation to highlight your message". I have no pictures of the events themselves, which were well organized and with an impressively large young audience. These pictures are of sightseeing in Wuhan, the large city on the Yangzi where the events were held. 


The remarkable set of bells excavated from the Zenghouyi Tomb of 433 BC, Húběi Provincial Museum

Guīyuán Sì temple; Qiqi from China Daily

Denise Murray of Macquarie U., a fellow-judge of the contest

The Yellow Crane Tower

View over Wǔchāng

Another view from the Tower

In the background, the Wǔhàn Cháng Jiāng Big Bridge
"not easy to survive"

"arable recovery"
The Chinese have embraced the English language with enthusiasm although sometimes with unintended results

2. East China Normal University, Shànghǎi

 My second destination was Shanghai, where I visited ECNU at the invitation of Liu Sen of the Dept. of English, who had been an academic visitor at UCL in 2003. I gave a lecture in the University, and was made an Honorary Professor. I also visited a primary school, where I saw an impressive practical demonstration of pronunciation teaching using locally developed software. 

Lecturing: demonstrating a contrast of tonality...

...and one of tonicity

On the steps of the lecture hall with other lecturers and teachers. Carrying the UCL SCEP bag is Liu Sen.

Part of the audience for my lecture

My name in lights...I am flanked here by Liu Sen and Wang Guizhen, a British-trained phonetician from Guangdong U. of Foreign Studies

To the left is Zou Weicheng, Director of ECNU Foreign Language Research Center

At Radio Shanghai, where I took part in "Live it up Shanghai!" with presenters Kevin Woo and Ted Bailey

With Kevin Woo at Radio Shanghai

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