UCL Tutorials in Speech Communication Science

These tutorials have been developed by staff of the Department of Phonetics and Linguistics or final year students on the BSc Speech Science programme. We invite you to try them out.

Most tutorials end with a link to a feedback page where we can collect your comments. If you do not finish the tutorial, please come back to this page and select the appropriate link. We greatly value your feedback.

How we produce speech sounds

An elementary introduction to Phonetics. Learn about the speech organs and the terminology of Phonetics. By final year student Tim Alen. Feedback page.

Introduction to Voicing

An introduction to the use of 'voicing' or larynx vibration in speech production. This tutorial was developed within the SIPhTra project. By staff member John Maidment.

Tutorial on Logarithms

An introduction to the mathematics of logarithms. This tutorial was developed to test out the WebTutor software and to be useful to undergraduate students doing the course 'Acoustics of Speech and Hearing'. By staff member Mark Huckvale.

Studying Elision

An introduction to where and when we drop sounds in connected speech. By final year student Amanda Newman. Feedback page.

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