Speech, Hearing & Language

Work in Progress Vol.8, 1995


  • The discrimination of consonant clusters by children with specific reading difficulties (dyslexia) (Alan Adlard and Valerie Hazan )
  • Broad transcription in phonetic training (Michael Ashby, Patricia Ashby, John Baldwin, Frederika Holmes, Jill House and John Maidment )
  • Human auditory filter nonlinearity across frequency (Richard J. Baker, Angela M. Darling, Stuart Rosen)
  • An alternative model of intonation applied to English (Mercedes Cabrera Abreu )
  • A preliminary report on a multidimensional scaling study of fricated sounds (Won Choo)
  • Residual spectral and temporal processing in signalling timbre contrasts in synthetic vowels (John Deeks and Andrew Faulkner)
  • The STRIDE project (Andrew Faulkner ,on behalf of the STRIDE consortium)
  • Speech pattern audiometry for clinical use (Valerie Hazan, Ginny Wilson, David Howells, David Miller, Evelyn Abberton and Adrian Fourcin )
  • Why have HMMs been so successful for automatic speech recognition and how might they be improved? (Wendy Holmes and Mark Huckvale )
  • The phonetics and linguistics anechoic room (Stephen P. Nevard and Adrian J. Fourcin)
  • Voicing, fundamental frequency, amplitude envelope and voiceless excitation as cues to consonant identity (Stuart Rosen, Andrew Faulkner and Kirsti Reeve )
  • The use of computerized visual representations in L2 acquisition of intonation: a pilot study (Marije van Wieringen and Evelyn Abberton)
  • Transcribing estuary English: a discussion document (John Wells)
  • Computer-coding the IPA: a proposed extension of SAMPA (John Wells)

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