Speech, Hearing & Language

Work in Progress Vol.7, 1993


  • Temporal information in consonant identification (Baker, R.J. and Rosen, S.)
  • A tenny rate (Baldwin, J.)
  • An analysis of the effects of rate variation on pause and voice duration in English and Spanish (Cabrera, M. And Maidment, J.A.)
  • A single-tone representation of intonation (Cabrera Abreu, M. And Takahashi, T.)
  • Automatic annotation using multi-sensor data for normal and pathological speech (Chan, D. And Fourcin, A.J.)
  • Individual variability in the identification of plosive place and voicing contrasts (Hazan, V. And Shi, B.)
  • Cross-language speech perception: some experimental results (Homes, F.)
  • Intonational stereotype: form and function (House, J.)
  • Tiered segmentation of speech (Huckvale, M.)
  • The identification of /l/ and /r/ by Japanese early, intermediate and late bilinguals (Nakauchi, J.)
  • Cue interaction in an intervocalic voiceless affricate/fricative contrast (Rosen, S., Darling, A., Faulkner, A. And Huckvale, M.)
  • Survey of American pronunciation preferences - a preliminary report (Shitara, Y.)
  • Some arguments on vowel formant shift (Tokuma, S.)
  • Results from noise discrimination tasks with the hearing-impaired (Vickers, D. And Faulkner, A.)
  • Larynx period and frication detection methods in speech pattern hearing aids (Wei, J., Howells, D., Fourcin, A.J. and Faulkner, A.)
  • A Chinese speech corpus (Zhang, J.)

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