Speech, Hearing & Language

Work in Progress Vol.6, 1992


  • Modelling changes in auditory filter bandwidth as a function of level (Richard Baker and Stuart Rosen)
  • Pilot experiments on speech rate perception by listening to Lx and speech information (Mercedes Cabrera Abreu and J.A. Maidment)
  • Psychoacoustic performance with a bioglass-based multi-channel extra-cochlear implant (Andrew Faulkner, John Walliker, Stuart Rosen, Ellis Douek, Adrian Fourcin)
  • Voice and intonation - Analyis, presentation and training (Adrian Fourcin, Evelyn Abberton, Virginia Ball)
  • Evaluation of prosodic form in rule synthesis (Martine Grice)
  • Listener variability in the perception of synthetic and natural speech (Valerie Hazan and Bo Shi)
  • Evaluation of prosody in dialogue synthesis (Jill House, Yuko Shitara, Martine Grice, Paul Howard-Jones)
  • Improving synthetic speech intelligibility in fluctuation noise by decreasing articulation rate (Paul Howard-Jones and Jill House)
  • The role of F, transitions in the perception of voicing in initial plosives (Peter Howell, Stuart Rosen, Harriet Lang, Stevie Sackin)
  • Illustrating speech; analogies between speaking and writing (Mark Huckvale)
  • A note on a neglected feature of British East Midlands accents and its possible implications for the history of a vowel merger in English (J.A. Maidment)
  • A laryngographic analysis of child-directed speech (Sally-Anne Ogle and J.A. Maidment)
  • Measurements of the fundamental period in dynamic voice source models for speech synthesis (Sarah K Palmer)
  • A speech pattern processing method for Chinese hearing impaired listeners (Jianing Wei, Andrew Faulkner, Adrian Fourcin)
  • Anomalous left capture of English sonorants (John Wells)

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