Speech, Hearing & Language

Work in Progress Vol.4, 1990


  • The development of contrastiveness in profoundly deaf children's speech (E.Abberton, V. Hazan & A. Fourcin)
  • Prototype categories in phonetics (M.Ashby)
  • Levels of labelling (W.J.Barry & A.J.Fourcin)
  • Major/minor triad identification and discrimination by musically trained and untrained listeners (V.Broad, D.Howard, & S.Rosen)
  • Nasalisation detection using the electrolaryngography principle (R.Brun, C.Spencer & A.J.Fourcin)
  • Compound speech pattern information as an aid to lipreading (A.Faulkner, V.Ball & A.Fourcin)
  • Residual frequency selectivity in the profoundly hearing-impaired listener (A.Faulkner, S. Rosen, & B.C.J.Moore)
  • Speech perceptual development in hearing-impaired children (V.Hazan, A.J.Fourcin & E.Abberton)
  • A revised model for intonation for synthesis by rule (J.House)
  • Voice quality measures for female singers (D.Howard, G.Lindsey & S.Palmer)
  • Experiments with modular and two-level training of multi-layer perceptrons for isolated word speech recognition (I.Howard)
  • The network lexicon: a novel application of phonological knowledge in ASR (M.Huckvale)
  • Implementations of an intonation algorithm for synthesis-by-rule (M.Johnson)
  • The phonological status of stylised intonation contours (M.Johnson & M.Grice)
  • The phonetic impact of Arabic on Shilluk (Y.de Clézio)
  • The intonation system of Korean (H.Lee)
  • Evidence for change in English compound accentuation (J.Maidment)
  • Acoustic reflexes in the measurement of auditory filter bandwidths at high levels in normal listeners (S.Rosen & R.Baker)
  • A new dictionary of English pronunciation (J.Wells)
  • Erratum (S.Rosen)

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