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Speech, Hearing and Language: work in progress
Volume 14

ISSN: 1470-8507
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Duncan MARKHAM and Valerie HAZAN   pages 1-17

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© 2002. Copyright of these documents remains with the authors. Documents may be reproduced in part or as a whole for educational and review purposes only, and with suitable acknowledgement to the authors.

Vowel normalization for accent: an investigation of best exemplar locations in northern and southern British English sentences
Bronwen G. EVANS and Paul IVERSON   pages 18-38

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Studies in the statistical modelling of dialogue turn pairs in the British national corpus
Gordon HUNTER and Mark HUCKVALE   pages 39-50

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Evaluation of a multilingual synthetic talking face as a communication aid for the hearing impaired
Catherine SICILIANO, Geoff WILLIAMS, Jonas BESKOW and Andrew FAULKNER   pages 51-61

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Effects of the number of speech-bands and envelope smoothing condition on the ability to identify intonational patterns through a simulated cochlear implant speech processor
Matthew SMITH and Andrew FAULKNER   pages 62-84

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A choice theory method for evaluating audiovisual phoneme recognition
Paul IVERSON   pages 85-92

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