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Speech, Hearing and Language: work in progress
Volume 13
ISSN: 1470-8507
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Individual differences in phonetic perception by adult cochlear implant users: effects of sensitivity to /d/-/t/ on word recognition
Paul IVERSON   pages 1-21
Iverson abstract
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Spectral and temporal cues to pitch in noise-excited vocoder simulations of continuous-interleaved-sampling (CIS) cochlear implants
Tim GREEN, Andrew FAULKNER and Stuart ROSEN     pages 22-38

Green, Faulkner, Rosen abstract

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Auditory-visual L2 speech perception: effects of visual cues and acoustic-phonetic context for Spanish learners of English
Marta ORTEGA-LLEBARIA, Andrew FAULKNER and Valerie HAZAN   pages 39-51

Ortega-Llebaria, Faulkner, Hazan abstract

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The right information matters more than frequency-place alignment: simulations of cochlear implant processors with an electrode array insertion depth of 17 mm
Andrew FAULKNER, Stuart ROSEN and Clare NORMAN   pages 52-71

Faulkner, Rosen, Norman abstract

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Lenition degrades information: consonant allophony in Ibibio
John HARRIS and Eno-Abasi URUA   pages 72-105
Harris, Urua abstract
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A perceptual interference account of acquisition difficulties for non-native phonemes

Paul IVERSON, Patricia K. KUHL, Reiko AKAHANE-YAMADA, Eugen DIESCH, Yoh'ich TOHKURA, Andreas KETTERMANN, and Claudia SIEBERT   pages 106-118
Harris, Urua abstract
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