Speech, Hearing and Language: work in progress
Volume 12
ISSN: 1470-8507

Simulation of the effects of cochlear implant electrode insertion depth for tonotopically-mapped speech processors
Andrew FAULKNER, Stuart ROSEN and Deborah STANTON  pages 1-15



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Peak F0 downtrends in Central Catalan neutral declaratives
Eva ESTEBAS-VILAPLANA  pages 16-41
Automatic cue-enhancement of natural speech for improved intelligibility
Marta ORTEGA, Valerie HAZAN and Mark HUCKVALE pages 42-56
No right ear advantage in gap detection
Richard J. BAKER, Stuart ROSEN and Azahara GODRICH  pages 57-69
Construction of a rotary vibrator and its application in human tactile communication
Abbas HAYDARI and Stuart ROSEN  pages 70-75

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