Speech, Hearing and Language: work in progress
Volume 11
ISSN: 1470-8507
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Reflecting research in the fields of speech sciences, hearing and phonetics
at the Department of Phonetics and Linguistics, UCL.

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This 11th edition of "Speech, Hearing and Language: work in progress" marks a departure from our previous practice in the publication of working papers. In line with the increasing availability of internet access, we have abandoned the distribution of a printed edition of these reports.

As in previous years, these reports serve several purposes. We include work that is in the process of preparation for publication elsewhere. Other contributions are based on recent conference presentations that are not widely available or on PhD theses that are in progress. We are also pleased to include a report of preliminary work carried out during a short visit to UCL by a distinguished academic visitor.

This edition is smaller than those of previous years, but we are no less active. In order to reflect the range of departmental research in phonetics, speech perception and hearing, we include a list of recent external publications.

Over the period covered by this edition, we have been fortunate to receive substantial research support from the Speech and Language Programme of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and from the Wellcome Trust. Other important sources of support have included the Medical Research Council, the European Commission Telematics and COST programmes, and Defeating Deafness.

We gratefully acknowledge additional editorial advice from Jill House.

Andrew Faulkner
Stuart Rosen
Martyn Holland

February 2000


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