* Swedish

There are six plosives:
	Symbol		Word		Transcription
	p		pil		pi:l
	b		bil		bi:l
	t		tal		tA:l
	d		dal		dA:l
	k		kal		kA:l
	g		gås		go:s
There are six fricatives:
	f		fil		fi:l
	v		vår		vo:r
	s		sil		si:l
	S		sjuk		S}:k	(front and back allophones#)
	h		hal		hA:l
	C		tjock		COk	(not syllable-final)
There are six sonorant consonants (nasals, liquids and semivowels):
	m		mil		mi:l
	n		nål		no:l
	N		ring		rIN	(not syllable-initial)
	r		ris		ri:s
	l		lös		l2:s
	j		jag		jA:g
There are nine long and nine short vowels.

Long vowels (followed by short consonant):

	i:		vit		vi:t
	e:		vet		ve:t
	E:		säl		sE:l
	y:		syl		sy:l
	}:		hus		h}:s
	2:		föl		f2:l
	u:		sol		su:l
	o:		hål		ho:l
	A:		hal		hA:l
Short vowels (followed by long consonant):
	I		vitt		vIt
	e		vett		vet
	E		rätt		rEt
	Y		bytt		bYt
	u0		buss		bu0s
	2		föll		f2l
	U		bott		bUt
	O		håll		hOl
	a		hall		hal
There are also two pre-r allophones (long and short) of /E/ and /2/ (see below).

The following important allophonic variants occur in Swedish which require separate symbolic representation:

	{:		här		h{:r	pre-r allophone of E:
	9:		för		f9:r		"	2:
	{		herr		h{r		"	E
	9		förr		f9r		"	2

	@		pojken		pOjk@n	schwa vowel allophone

	rt		hjort		jUrt	retroflex consonant, not initial*
	rd		bord		bu:rd		"
	rn		barn		bA:rn		"
	rs		fors		fOrs		"
	rl		karl		kA:rl		"
* in cases where the dental consonants do not change into retroflexes, they are transcribed using the separator sign (ASCII 45): r-t, r-d.

Swedish has two contrasting tonemes, but only in stressed syllables. Tone 1 is indicated by the ordinary stress mark, Tone 2 by a doubled stress mark, e.g.

stress and toneme 1	anden		"and@n		(the duck) 	
stress and toneme 2	anden		""and@n		(the spirit) 	
# Note on the use of [S] for orthographic sj etc.: although [S] is an unambiguous way of transcribing this unusual sound of Swedish, some commentators find this symbol phonetically imprecise. Those who feel this way are free to use more elaborate symbols instead: [s`] or even [x\] (from X-SAMPA). —JCW

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