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Note: in the representation of Polish orthography shown below,

Unicode version


The vowel system comprises 8 phonemes, as follows. Those symbolized with ~ are nasalized.

	SAMPA symbol	Orthography		Transcription
	i		PIT			pit
	I		typ			tIp
	e		test			test
	a		pat			pat
	o		pot			pot
	u		puk			puk
	e~		gès'			ge~s'
	o~		wàs			vo~s


The consonant system comprises 29 phonemes, as follows. The symbol ' indicates palatalization.

	p		pik			pik
	b		bit			bit	
	t		test			test
	d		dym			dIm	
	k		kit			kit
	g		gen			gen
	f		fan			fan
	v		wilk			vilk
	s		syk			sIk
	z		zbir			zbir
	S		szyk			SIk	
	Z		z*yto			ZIto
	s'		s'wit			s'vit
	z'		z'le			z'le
	x		hymn			xImn
	ts		cyk			tsIk
	dz		dzwon			dzvon
	tS		czyn			tSIn
	dZ		dz*em			dZem
	ts'		c'ma			ts'ma
	dz'		dz'wig			dz'vik
	m		mysz			mIS		
	n		nasz			naS
	n'		kon'			kon'
	N		pèk			peNk
	l		luk			luk
	r		ryk			rIk
	w		l/yk			wIk
	j		jak			jak

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