* Greek

NOTE: Owing to typographical limitations we cannot currently display Greek orthography here. Instead, we identify each word by giving an English gloss.

Unicode version, with Greek orthography


	i, e, a, o, u		(see examples below)


	Symbol		Word		Transcription
	p		I drink		"pino
	b		I can		bo"ro
	t		then		"tote
	d		I dress		"dino
	k		I do		"kano
	g		I throw down	gre"mizo
	ts		pocket		"tsepi
	dz		freeloader	dzaba"dzis
	f		I depart	"fevGo
	v		evening		"vraDi
	T		I want		"Telo
	D		route		"Dromos
	s		house		"spiti
	z		heat		"zesti
	x		time		"xronos
	G		milk		"Gala
	m		I speak		mi"lo
	n		water		ne"ro
			cucumber	an"guri	([N] = allophone of /n/)
	l		flower		lu"luDi
	r		clothes		"ruxa
	j		I read		Dja"vazo
	c		and		ce
			I sleep		ci"mame
			I frighten	"scazo
	gj		angel		"angjelos
			bad luck	"gjinja
			screech-owl	"gjonis
	C		hand		"Ceri
			winter		Ci"monas
			snow		"Coni
	jj		old man		"jjeros
			circle		"jjiros
			son		jjos
(connected speech phenomena)
			it doesn't matter	De bi"razi
			my son			o "jjoz mu

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