• Project Title: System for Interactive Phonetics Training and Assessment

  • Project Code: FDTL 16/97

  • Start date: 1/10/97

  • Duration: 33 months

  • Funding: approx 148k

An innovative method known as "Analytic Listening" (AL) has been developed at UCL as a tool for auditory training in phonetics. Its analytic approach formalises and sets a standard for good practice in this area. It is a flexible tool which can be adapted to class teaching or self-paced study, and which enables well-defined objective assessment of student attainment. Popular with users, it builds student confidence in an area often considered difficult. A major advance is now in progress as a result of the structured combination of AL with multimedia techniques which will support the incorporation of phonetic symbols and graphical displays.

For a more detailed account of Analytic Listening the following is available online: Ashby M G, Maidment J A & Abberton E R M (1996) Analytic listening: a new approach to ear-training. Speech, Hearing and Language 9 pp, 1 - 10

The project is funded for three years by the HEFCE/DENI FDTL initiative and is designed to ensure wide dissemination of the technique through the collaboration of other HEIs. The initial group of partner institutions includes The University of Cambridge, The University of Newcastle, The University of Ulster, The University of Westminster and The University of York. The aim is to widen the collaboration at a later stage in the project. Partners will use and evaluate the AL technique and contribute to its development and planned extension to other areas of phonetics. Both delivery system and materials will be made freely available over the Internet and at cost price to HEIs in England and Northern Ireland in the form of CDs and audio tapes. A series of workshops, roadshows and conference presentations will provide opportunities for training in the technique, hands-on experience and formative evaluation.

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