UCL Working Papers in Linguistics 9 (1997)

Agreement phrases in DP


In this paper, assuming that there is an intermediate functional category called Agreement Phrase (AGRP) in DP, I argue that an adnominal modifier such as a pre-nominal adjective or relative clause (RC) is base-generated in Spec,AGRP. In particular, I distinguish between Restrictive Adnominal Modifiers (RAM) and Non-restrictive Adnominal Modifiers (NAM), and argue that the NAM in head-final languages moves overtly out of the scope of the determiner to Spec,DP, while the NAM in head-initial languages moves covertly in LF. Finally I claim that the movement of the NAM to Spec,DP is due to a NON-FOCUS feature of the determiner and the NAM in terms of the feature-checking theory (Chomsky 1995).

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