PALS3004/G308 Web Programming
UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
PALS3004/G308 Web programming for research in psychology and language sciences


Week 1 - Introduction to computing and the web
In which we discuss how the web operates and how computers process information.
Week 2 - Introduction to HTML
In which we discuss the mark-up language used to format web pages.
Week 3 - Introduction to CSS
In which we look at how the look and feel of web pages can be altered by style sheets.
Week 4 - Introduction to Scripting
In which we look at how to incorporate client-side scripting in web pages.
Week 5 - Javascript Language Part 1
In which we study Javascript literals, variables, expressions and functions.
Week 6 - Javascript Language Part 2
In which we study JavaScript conditional and looping statements, and also structured data.
Week 7 - Scripting of Web Experiments
In which we study the basic data structures and functions in a web experiment.
Week 8 - Server-side data storage
In which we look at how we can store and retrieve experimental data from the server.
Week 9 - Experimental data visualisation
In which we look at how we can draw graphics and make graphs of experimental data.
Week 10 - Coursework troubleshooting
In which we get our coursework web experiments up and running.

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