PALS3004/G308 Web Programming
UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
PALS3004/G308 Web programming for research in psychology and language sciences

Introduction to the course


The aim of the course is to develop knowledge and skills in the use of web technologies for running experiments in psychology and language sciences. The course will enable the student to build and style web pages, to exploit multimedia, to program interactive applications in JavaScript, to store and process subject responses data in a client-server environment, and to perform statistical and graphical analyses of experimental data.


By the end of the module the students will be able to


The syllabus covers essential topics in web programming, including: formatting web pages in HTML (hyper-text markup language) and CSS (cascading style sheets), the JavaScript programming language, the use of JavaScript to build interactive web pages, the design of web experiments, the use of server-side data storage, and the analysis and graphical display of experimental data.

Lectures & Labs

Each week the course will offer the student a one and a half hour lecture and one and a half hour practical class in the teaching laboratory.


LecturesFriday 2.00-3.30Room B07
LaboratoryFriday 3.30-5.00Room B07

Contact Details

Lecturer & TutorMark


The assessment for the course will involve designing and running a web-based experiment then documenting the process through a web site.

The deadline for implementation of the website is Wednesday 20th December 2017.


The course has a moodle page at

The Moodle site will contain links to course notes, lecture slides and to additional resources.


The course handbook is written as a set of web pages and can be found at:


The course notes will index a range of web sites containing useful information about the topics. Use these to help develop your understanding of the concepts covered.

Use the Moodle Discussion forum for any specific questions you have outside the tutorial time. Also post messages if you find other interesting web sites relevant to the course.

Text Books

If you purchase any of these from Amazon using the supplied links, you will be supporting the web site

JavaScript Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly))
A compact reminder of the essentials of JavaScript, useful to keep to hand when you are programming.


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