UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
PALS3004/G308 Web programming for research in psychology and language sciences

Experiment Planning

Some things to think about when designing your web experiment.

  1. What kind of stimuli will you present?
  2. How will the subject respond?
  3. What are the different experimental conditions?
  4. Do you need a balanced design (in which each subject gets all combinations of conditions)?
  5. How many stimuli will be necessary? How many will each subject get?
  6. Is a random stimulus order OK, or do you need constraints on the ordering of stimuli (to prevent bias caused by order)?
  7. Is this a within-subject design or between-groups design?
  8. Is this a repeated measures design (in which each subject gets each condition more than once)?
  9. What data will you need to collect for each subject?
  10. What graphs will you plot to show the results?
  11. How will you test whether the measured differences in responses due to the conditions were unlikely to have arisen by chance?

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