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Exam Question Checklist

Exam 1998 Question 1

"Explain how the spectrograph is able to produce an analysis of the frequency content of speech signals. Describe how you would use the spectrograph to study a speakerís use of intonation in everyday speech and discuss what problems might arise."

20 things you should mention:

  • Spectrograph
    • filterbank (or spectrum)
    • capture energy as output of band-pass filters
    • represent as grey scale (freq/time/amp)
    • wide-bandwidth filters or 300Hz
      • good temporal / poor frequency resolution
      • useful for pitch periods /formants
    • narrow-bandwidth filters or 45Hz
      • poor temporal / good frequency resolution
      • useful for harmonics
    • diagram(s)
  • Recording
    • make recordings of a speaker in normal situation
    • transcribe recordings
    • add intonation marking (e.g. type & position of accents)
    • use narrow-band analysis to find Fx contour
    • relate Fx contour to prosodic transcription
    • relate prosodic transcription to circumstances of use
    • collect statistics on Fx
    • problem with audio quality
      • better to use Laryngograph
    • problem with interpretation of contours

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