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Exam Question Checklist

Exam 1997 Question 3

"Describe an experiment that might be used to investigate the hypothesis that the use of fundamental frequency by a speaker varies between formal and informal settings. Ensure your answer includes: subject selection, recording environment, recording equipment, signal analysis and interpretation of results."

20 things you should mention:

  • Subject selection
    • naive - don't know what expt is about
    • homogeneous
    • no pathology
    • need number of speakers to take average
  • Recording environment
    • recording in different social settings
    • e.g. over coffee
    • e.g. public lecture
    • record enough speech/select material
  • Recording equipment
    • use Lx
    • don't need top quality audio
    • electrode placement
  • Analysis
    • Use PCLX to get distributions
    • Dx1/Dx2
    • Look for range - how
    • look for mode - how
    • look for regularity - how
  • Interpretation
    • repeated measures
    • test shift in mode/range/regularity
    • t-test matched samples
    • changes in use of intonation patterns?

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