PALS0039 Introduction to Deep Learning for Speech and Language Processing
UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Getting started with the deep learning tools

This document describes the computing tools we will be using on the course.


Introduction to Colaboratory

Google Colaboratory is a free programming environment where you can access many resources for learning about programming, machine learning and deep learning. Colab provides a Python programming environment together with many resources for machine learning that runs wholly within a web browser. There are many compatible notebooks available on the web that you can run in Colab.

This video provides a brief introduction.

You can access Colaboratory from any of the course web pages by clicking on the "Start Colaboratory" button in the page menu.

To save your notebooks, you must have a Google Drive account. If you don't have a Drive account, you can sign up at Google Drive.

Learning how to use Colab notebooks

A good place to start is the Welcome to Colaboratory notebook.

You may find these learning resources useful:


Learning Python

You can find a tutorial introduction to the Python language in our Python Tutorial notebook on Colab.

You may find these other learning resources useful:

Introductory Exercises

Implement answers to the problems described in the notebooks below. Save your completed notebooks into your personal Google Drive account.

    1. Plotting distributions
    2. Arithmetic expressions
    3. Defining functions


  1. Attempt some problems from Practice Python Beginner Python exercises.

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