A Web Tutorial by Mark Huckvale






In this tutorial you will learn about our sense of the pitch of sounds.


If you complete the tutorial you will learn about


         What we mean by our sense of pitch

         What physical properties of sounds give rise to our sensation of pitch

         The limits of pitch

         The operation of our hearing mechanism relating to pitch

         How pitch is encoded in the nerve signals sent from the ear to brain

         A comparison of different ideas about how pitch arises

         The possible origins of musical pitch intervals


You will find the tutorial easier to understand if you have some knowledge of the basic acoustics of sound waves.


To hear the audio examples in the tutorial you will need to be running Internet Explorer or have a Plug-In that supports WAV files (e.g. Quick-Time). If you are having problems with audio, visit our browser audio plug-in help page.


Press [OK] to start the tutorial. The first page of the tutorial may take some time to load.