SFS/WASP Version 1.53

Windows Tool for Speech Analysis

WASP is a free program for the recording, display and analysis of speech. With WASP you can record and replay speech signals, save them and reload them from disk, edit annotations, and display spectrograms and a fundamental frequency track.


WASP is a simple application that is complete in itself but which is also designed to be compatible with the Speech Filing System (SFS) tools for speech research.

Read the WASP help file on-line.

Latest News

Version 1.53 released July 2012 includes:

  • Reads 24-bit and 32-bit audio files

Version 1.5 released September 2011 includes:

  • Moving cursor during replay
  • Button to start sound mixer from recording dialogue

Version 1.45 released December 2010 includes:

  • Reads 24-bit sampled WAV files

Version 1.4 released August 2007 includes:

  • Option to set maximum displayed spectrogram frequency
  • Improved audio recording in Vista
  • Fixed printing bug when grids used without upper timescale

Version 1.3 released July 2004 includes:

  • Faster, more accurate pitch tracker.
  • Faster printing of better quality spectrograms.
  • Display bug fixes.

Version 1.2 released March 2003 includes:

  • Copy display image to clipboard
  • Stop replay button on toolbar
  • Copy signal region to separate file
  • Minor formatting changes/improvements

Download and Installation

Download WASP version 1.53. This is a self-installing executable. Just run it to install WASP.

Older versions are available by anonymous FTP from:

Download the file called wasp1dd.exe into a temporary directory. Then find and run the file to unpack and install.

Want to learn more?

If you find the study of speech interesting, why not visit the Internet Institute of Speech and Hearing at www.speechandhearing.net ? There you will find tutorials, laboratory experiments, reference material, and details of e-mail lists and discussion groups.


Please send suggestions for improvements and reports of program faults to SFS@phon.ucl.ac.uk.

Please note that we are unable to provide help with the use of this program.


WASP is not public domain software, its intellectual property is owned by Mark Huckvale, University College London. However WASP may be used and copied without charge as long as the program and help file remain unmodified and continue to carry this copyright notice. Please contact the author for other licensing arrangements. WASP carries no warranty of any kind, you use it at your own risk.

Wasp artwork from www.webdog.com.au with thanks.