Re: RT list: how much processing effort to invest (follow up)

From: Andre Sytnyk (
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 17:08:09 GMT

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    If phatic intepretations are the only intepretations, which arise when
    mutual manifestness of "the speaker is lying" is in place, then we can
    safely hypothesize that all presidential debates and campaign speeches
    are instance of phatic communication? People expect their phaticity to
    be high and informativeness low (since it IS mutually manifest that the speaker is
    lying). It is important to understand that while planning a campaign
    speech. John Kerry's aides do not understand that.
    Right now Kerry is trying to inform and intrigue his audience: "I have
    a plan..."
    Bush is being phatic and manages interpersonal relations, hence the
    employment of "southern charm" of "your regular Texas cowboy".

    Bush is going to win.

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