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Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 20:59:19 GMT

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    >I am trying to develop a procedure
    >to determine the assumptions that a
    >writer has regarding the meaning of direct
    >quotes that he/she quotes in his/her writing.

    This is what 'intertextuality' is all about, right? (And I wonder who coined

    >Naturally, the context in which the quote is put in will hint
    >towards these assumptions. For this, I feel Relevance
    >Theory can be of much help. I would really appreciate it
    >if anyone can give me a lead on how to proceed with this.
    >I am specifically looking for any works in Relevance Theory
    >that have dealt with direct quotations.
    >Thanks in advance.

    Well, Sperber/Wilson (Relevance, p. 227) have the example:

        A: And what did the inn-keeper say?
        B: Je l'ai cherche partout!

    -- and how it relates to 'echoic interpretation' and 'mention'; then, there
    are cases -- to restrict to conversational ones -- like

       A: So, that's it, ednit?
       B: Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
       A: Right.
                    D. Potter, _Pennies from Heaven_ (BBC, London, Faber, ed.
                    Kenith Trodd).

    -- where B (an 'underworld' character) is quoting (direct from) The Bard,
    while not actually _saying_ it (i.e. that he is quoting [from] The Bard).

    This raises the question as to _how_ relevant it is for the _addressee_
    (never mind the utterer) to _know_ (if not merely 'believe' -- :-)) what the source
    of the (direct) quotation is? (And who is _Shakespeare_ quoting, and so on ad
    infinitum ... -- when a proverb becomes cliché)

    To link this with S. Malmberg's post: Potter's text brings in a more complex
    scenario: in being literary_ -- a TV script), it is generated, we assume,
    under the assumption that the intended addressee (for "'Neither a borrowe nor a
    lender be'") will _differ_ from the actual co-conversationalist in the dialogue
    ('meta-textual relevance'?)



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