prosody and pragmatics

Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 11:34:40 GMT

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            6th NWCL International Conference


            University of Central Lancashire (Preston)

            14 - 16 November 2003

    Organized by Anne Wichmann (University of Central Lancashire) &
    Diane Blakemore (University of Salford)

    Guest speakers: Carlos Gussenhoven, Jill House, John Local, Deirdre

    The focus in research in prosody has recently moved from intonational
    phonology to areas which interface with other domains, most notably
    discourse and pragmatics. At the same time, research in pragmatics and
    discourse has recognized a need to take account of prosodic
    phenomena. In this way, it has become possible to identify a set of
    phenomena where research in pragmatics feeds into research in prosody
    and vice versa _ for example, focus and information structure, questions
    about processing units and the identification of an utterance, the
    communication of attitudes and emotions, constraints on implicatures.
    The aim of this conference is to provide a forum in which researchers
    from prosody and pragmatics can pool their research, and in this way
    contribute to a fuller understanding of the role prosody plays in
    pragmatic interpretation.

    We invite abstracts for papers (30 mins + 10 mins discussion). Abstracts
    will be chosen both for the inherent quality of the particular
    prosodic/pragmatic analyses they offer and their potential contribution
    to the development of the interface between prosody and pragmatics.

    A selection of papers from the conference will be published in a Special
    Issue of The Journal of Pragmatics (eds. Anne Wichmann & Diane

    Submission of abstracts:
    Abstracts must conform to the following guidelines:
    _ abstracts must be sent in electronic form (Word, WP, RTF)
    _ abstracts must be no longer than 1 page (A4) and typed in a Times
    New Roman (12pt) font
    _ abstracts must have the title of the paper centred at the top of the page
    _ the author's name, affiliation and title of paper must be given on a
    separate page (abstracts will be refereed anonymously)

    Abstracts must sent in electronic form (Word, WP, RTF) to Anne
    Wichmann and Diane Blakemore at the addresses below by 23 May 2003.
    You will be notified if your abstract has been submitted by 13 June 2003.
    Diane Blakemore <>
    Anne Wichmann <>

    Professor Diane Blakemore
    School of Languages and
    European Studies Research Institute
    University of Salford
    Salford M5 4WT
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 0161 2954948

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