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Date: Sat Jan 11 2003 - 12:52:30 GMT

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    My name is Joanna Roszkowska and I am a doctoral student at the English Department, Warsaw University. I am working within the Relevance Framework. My main fields of interest are: metaphor as organizing, textual device, general theory of metaphor and metonymy, some other textual devices (like exemplification). I have been analysing texts that use (and overuse) metaphor (mainly non-literary texts) and I have been trying to check how it is possible to analyse them in the theory, and how they will influence the relevance account of metaphor. Recently I have been working on texts (coming from the Polish edition of "Cosmopolitan")that use exemplification as their major device. I would appreciate contact with anybody interested in similar phenomena.
    Joanna Roszkowska
    ul. Bagno 7 m. 144
    00-112 Warszawa

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