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    "Does anyone know if anyone has done any work on RT and images (instead of

    I'm thinking of optimal and manifest meanings, explicatures and
    implicatures, etc, in, eg, the paintings of Bosch and Breugel.

    Perhaps there's something about images in the work on RT and advertisements?"

    Yus: "The work by Forceville on visual metaphors in adverstising might
    come in handy. Check RT Bibliographical Service
    ( and click on the "media discourses"
    thematic section."

    I missed the original post, but perhaps Yus is too modest not to quote his
    own piece in his own bibliography, which reads,

    YUS, F. RT & media discourse: a verbal-visual model of communication.
    Poetics 25

    D. Wilson posted some time ago the proceedings from a conference at San
    Marino on _The Legacy of Grice_. One essay mentions "non-verbal". The good
    thing about these machines called computers is that one can do an easy
    "search" or "find" with specific collocations. I don't know what Gnerre
    (such is the author's name) specifically mean by "non-verbal". I would
    suppose something like paralinguistic, but maybe, after all, a facial
    expression is like an image, too -- In any case, the reference is too
    Gricean to be missed!

    GNERRE, M.

         Non-verbal explicitness & verbal explicitness.
         Essay 11 in G. Cosenza,
         H P Grice'S Heritage. University of San Marino
         International Centre for Semiotic and Cognitive
         Studies, Ex-Monastero Santa Chiara.

    In Grice's rather "artificial" -- as he himself styles it -- notion of an
    "utterance" (qua vehicle of "implicature"), it doesn't have to be verbal at
    all. Indeed, in "Meaning" one of his examples is Salome dancing with the
    head of St John, as an act of NATURALLY (but NOT NON-NATURALLY meaning)
    that St John was dead. Since the recognition of Salome's intention (by
    Herodes) would be pointless! In this Grice is following the tradition, in
    England, of J. Holloway, in Language and Intelligence -- reviewed by H L A
    Hart in Philosophical Quarterly in a critical notice entitled, "Signs and
    Words" -- and in USA of C L Stevenson, which identifies with the
    Peircean-Morrisian pragmaticism.

    For what is worth (a lot!), there are certain remarks by Grice about what
    he calls a "general theory" of representation (iconic/non-iconic, natural
    vs nonnatural) very briefly alas espoused in the Strand Fourth (around his
    notion of utterer's meaning) in the 'Retrospective Epilogue' to _Studies in
    the Way of Words_ (Harvard, 1989, p.358).

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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