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Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 21:58:05 GMT

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    Dear relevance listers,

    this is to announce the publication of a paper of mine:

    Unger, Christoph 2000: 'Properties of procedurally encoded information and
    their implications for translation,' in Pilar Navarro Errasti, Rosa Lorés
    Sanz, Silvia Murillo Ornat, Carmina Buesa Gómez (eds) _Transcultural
    Communication: Pragmalinguistic Aspects_. Zaragoza: ANUBAR ediciones. pp

    This paper outlines some results of research on markers encoding procedural
    information and their implications for translation theory and practice.
    These markers encode constraints on the inferential process of utterance
    interpretation rather than conveying conceptual information. This requires
    translation strategies different from those applicable for linguistic
    markers conveying conceptual information. These strategies must be based on
    an understanding of the way in which a given marker in a given utterance
    exploits the inferential comprehension process. A discussion of various
    discourse effects caused by the use or absence of connectives in
    translations of texts from various languages into English illustrates this

    Key words: Relevance Theory, communication, procedurally encoded
    information, discourse connectives, coherence, translation.

    I don't have offprints, but I can send electronic files to interested
    people. By the way, the volume contains several other papers on relevance
    theory as well. I trust that the authors 'advertise' their papers likewise
    on this list.



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