1) Chomsky on pragmatics, 2) Cogprints

From: Dan Sperber (sperber@poly.polytechnique.fr)
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 10:49:34 GMT

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    there is an "On-Line Interview with Noam Chomsky: On the nature of
    pragmatics and related issues" by Brigitte Stemmer, with interesting idea
    about modularity, and about the place of pragmatics in linguistic theory
    (Here is a quote: "My own view has always been stronger than what you quote
    from Levinson: "a general linguistic theory must incorporate pragmatics"
    not only "as a component or level in the overall integrated theory," but as
    a central and crucial component").

    By the way, the site
    is a place created by Stevan Harnad, where scholarly work in the cognitive
    sciences can be archived (freely and easily). You will find many useful
    text readily achived there, and you can archive your own articles. I have
    started doing so myself, and I would encourage all RT scholars to do
    likewise. It would be nice if all the RT literature were available online,
    and rather than starting our own archive (which nobody has proposed to do
    so far, anyhow), why not take advantage of this great site?

    Cheers, Dan

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