This page is designed to give a few more details about me. It is in no way connected with UCL. For my work-related home page go to Mary's work home page.

I have been at UCL since November 1994. Before that I was unemployed for eight months (through choice I hasten to add). I spent those eight months gleefully blowing my redundancy money so kindly given to me by my previous employer, Lloyds Bank. I spent nearly nine years working for them and they gave me enough money to visit Prague, Walt Disney World, New York and Disneyland Paris. For that I thank them greatly. This spate of travelling awakened in me a great love of The United States and I have since been back on fifteen occasions and have visited; Orlando (four times more), New York (three times more), Boston, Niagara Falls, Washington (twice), Los Angeles (twice), Las Vegas (three times), New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Savannah, Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami (twice), the Florida Keys (twice), Chicago (twice) and San Francisco (three times - my favourite yet!), Hawaii (twice), Seattle, Portland, Napa (twice), Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Carmel, Palm Springs and San Diego. This year I will be doing a coast to coast drive to lead up to my 40th birthday in October. Starting in San Francisco and travelling through, CA, NV, AZ, UT, CO, WY, MT, SD, IA, KS, MO, TN, NC, VA, PA, NJ and NY!

I have just started working full time (after 12 years of part-time work) as my children are older, Luke is now aged seventeen and Robert is now aged fifteen. Here are two "charming" pictures of them (when they were cuter!)