Self-assessment on spelling

There are two self-assessment tests on spelling:

Adding suffixes:

Here is a quick test of your understanding of the basic rules. Select any spelling rule which you would apply in producing each form from the menu of rules below it.

a. present participle of love

b. present participle of run

c. past of rely

d. past of love

e. past of jet


Classifying errors

Here is a list of typical spelling errors from a KS3 pupil. The questions below will help you to classify the errors in terms of the pupil's needs.

Pupil spelling Correct spelling Pupil spelling Correct spelling
lovly lovely seperate separate
realy really pennys pennies
wont won't sinceerly sincerely
tommorow tomorrow brusht brushed
lonly lonely storys stories
naturaly naturally their there
could'nt couldn't    

Each error reveals a gap in the pupil's understanding of spelling. Which words illustrate each of the following gaps?