How to contribute to the LAGB fact sheets

Dick Hudson

Target audience

The LAGB fact sheets are a free service provided by linguists for the wider community. They are intended to be comprehensible by those without specialist training in linguistics, and in particular for UK school teachers responsible for teaching language at primary or secondary level. If they prove useful for other people (e.g. linguistics students), so much the better. Anyone producing material to add to this collection should therefore try to make each item immediately comprehensible - i.e. don't ask the user to go away and read something else first!


I welcome contributions from any linguist, and promise to include them in the database without selection or editing (beyond minimal formatting) even if I disagree with them, provided they comply with the conditions below. The aim is to reflect the state of the art in academic linguistics, warts and all, rather than any particular theory or ideology. However I may add, or ask you to add, links to other entries that are relevant.

Kinds of contribution

How to contribute a new fact sheet

Rules for a new fact sheets or a comment on an existing fact sheet

I will only accept new material that obeys these rules, but I leave it to you to decide the format and style of your contribution. Use common sense, and keep the needs of non-expert users in focus.

If you want any more information, or want to register your interest in contributing on a particular topic, send me an email.