One of the weaknesses of this version of the encyclopedia which I hope to fix in future versions is the lack of references to primary sources - books and articles on the topics discussed here, including non-WG sources. However there are already a few references to the following books and articles:


By Dick Hudson


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1998. English Grammar, Routledge

Articles or chapters


1995. Does English really have case?

1997. The rise of auxiliary DO: verb-non-raising or category-strengthening?

1997. Inherent variability and linguistic theory.

1998. Trouble on the left periphery:

1999. (with Chet Creider) Inflectional morphology in Word Grammar.

1999. Subject-verb agreement in English.

2000. (with Jasper Holmes) Re-cycling in the encyclopedia.

2002. (with Amela Camdzic) Serbian-Croat-Bosnian clitics and Word Grammar.

1998. *I amn't.

1998. Language as a cognitive network.

1999. Case Agreement, PRO and Structure Sharing.

2000. Grammar Without Functional Categories.

2000. Quantifiers in Word Grammar.

2000. Discontinuity.

2000. Gerunds and multiple default inheritance.

2001. Clitics in Word Grammar.

2001. Word Grammar (for Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics).

2002. Case-agreement, PRO and structure sharing.

2002. Buying and selling in Word Grammar.


By others

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If you want more references there are lists on my web site and on the site for Word Grammar. There are also links there to web-sites for other general theories of language structure.