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UK government UK non-government non-UK education linguistics resources

UK Government web pages

The National Literacy Strategy

A UK government initiative, launched in Autumn 1989, designed to raise the standards of literacy among school leavers.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

QCA is concerned with the content of education and training across the education system in England. The web site offers a good overview of the system, a wealth of information concerning the National Curriculum for individual subjects and research, and a good collection of links. The site is intended as a major resource for teachers and hence continually updated.

The National Curriculum for English

Specifies the content of primary and secondary school (age 5-16) programme for English language and literature in England.

A-level in English Language

Links to U.K.'s regional education boards with responsibilities for A-/AS-level examinations, and - through their sites - to the English language syllabi.

The National Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages

Specifies the content of MFL teaching in England's secondary schools (age 11-16).

A-level in Modern Foreign Languages

Links to U.K.'s regional education boards with responsibilities for A-/AS-level examinations, and - through their sites - to the English language syllabi.


Non-governmental sources

Linguistics at school

A page which summarises recent history of language education in the UK, outlines recent developments and considers ways in which linguists can contribute to the school curriculum.

The Nuffield Languages Inquiry

The Nuffield Languages Inquiry's final report Languages: the next generation, published in May 2000, has been hailed as a landmark event in the development of linguistic attitudes and competence in the UK. In response the government has set up a national Languages Steering Group which is due to report in early 2003.

Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research - CILT

Established in 1966, CILT is an independent charitable trust supported by central government grants, with the aim of collecting and disseminating information on all aspects of modern languages and the teaching of modern languages.

The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

The Centre is part of the UK-wide Learning and Teaching Support Network of 24 subject centres. The network aims to promote high quality learning and teaching in the subject disciplines in higher education institutions. An excellent source of subject-information and links for students, prospective students and teachers.

The Times Educational Supplement

The weekly journal for teachers published in the UK. Follow the link 'Your subject' to English, modern foreign languages, English as an additional language, etc.


Non-UK sources on language education

The Linguistic Society of America

The LSA has its own Committee for Language in the School Curriculum as well as a wealth of authoritative information on all aspects of Linguistics and lots of links.

The Australian Linguistics Society

Since 1995, the ALS has been coordinating a project on Language in the School Curriculum.

The SocietÓ di Linguistica Italiana

Since 1975 the SLI has been represented in this area by GISCEL(Gruppi di Intervento e Studio nel Campo del Educazione Linguistica), whose aim is to apply modern linguistics to language teaching at school..

 The Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar

ATEG is a US national forum for discussing the teaching of grammar. It publishes a quarterly journal Syntax in the Schools.

Center for Applied Linguistics

CAL, in its own words, is 'a private, non-profit organization: a group of [US] scholars and educators who use the findings of linguistics and related sciences in identifying and addressing language-related problems'. An excellent resource with many downloadable papers.


Linguistics resources

The Linguist List

The main global resource on languages and linguistics run by linguists. Among many other goodies, It offers an "Ask a Linguist" service to non-linguists.

Linguistics and human languages

A massive collection of links on language and various sub-disciplines of linguistics.

Sounds and letters in English

Information on the phonics of English designed to help British teachers, produced by Anthea Fraser Gupta (University of Leeds, UK) on behalf of the Committee for Linguistics on Education (CLIE).

The LAGB fact sheets

A collection of links to relatively reliable sources of information on language classified for ease of use by teachers. Growing very slowly - please contribute!

Resources for linguistically talented school children

 A list of resources for use with especially talented school children.

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