Word Grammar Network (WGNet++)

Software for spreading activation

last updated 11 March 2005


Ref: RES000-23-0354
Institution: University College London
Department: Department of Phonetics and Linguistics
Grant holder: Richard Hudson
Principal researchers: Geoff Williams, Jasper Holmes
Consultant: Sean Wallis
Period: September 2003 to August 2004

Aims and objectives

The project's aim was to develop the software package WGNet into a more sophisticated package called WGNet++. WGNet already allows us to build and inspect networks (of any kind), and we have started to apply it to English inflectional morphology. WGNet++ now allows us to:

  • query the unknown properties of the token nodes by inheriting information from their models by default inheritance
  • to apply the system to a significant database of information about English inflectional morphology.

The underlying theory is Word Grammar.

More information:

Downloadable software for WGNet++, including sample databases